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NOVA CLEAN: Home call-out mattress cleaning in Aberdeen

When should you clean your mattress?

mattress cleaning aberdeenThere are two main reasons people get in touch with NOVA CLEAN, the first is for stain removal. Have you rented out your home and found a stain on your mattress? Maybe you spilled your morning coffee and now your mattress is looking brown? Don't worry! With NOVA CLEAN we can get your mattress looking lovely and white again in no time, with our injection-extraction machines we can also remove nasty odours so that stale coffee small will be gone. The other reason people might need us is if you are struggling to sleep allergy free. Mites in the mattress is one of the leading causes of sleepless nights, and they really don't have to be. With NOVA CLEAN we can remove bacteria and mites using our industry products and specialist machines, meaning no more sleepless nights!

How do you clean a mattress?

  • We start with a thorough vacuuming to remove dead skin, dust and other small particles
  • We then use stain removers on stains
  • We then manually brush these areas
  • Then we use our injection-extraction machine to remove the stain, odour, mites and bacteria

How to maintain your mattress between cleans?

  • Remember to use a mattress protector
  • Vacuum your mattress when you change the sheets to remove dust, dead skin and other small particles
  • Flip your mattress every 6 months
  • Don't let stains settle

It is important to leave your mattress to dry in a room with a minimum 22° C for rapid drying. NOVA CLEAN is also available to clean fabric bed bases and fabric or leather headboards. We work with individuals, boats and hotels in Aberdeen!

NOVA CLEAN are available across Aberdeen City, Banff, Fraserburgh, Turriff, Peterhead, Huntly, Insch, Inverurie, Alford, Kemnay, Portlethen, Aboyne, Ballater, Banchorey, Stonehaven & Laurencekirk.  

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